10 Habits Of People Who Reach Their Fitness Goals

Cracking the Code: 10 Habits of Fitness Goal Achievers
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How To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Everyone knows someone who loves to exercise. They get out of bed every morning, come rain or shine, and they stick to their fitness routine. Some will get a quick workout at lunch, or opt for a workout after work.

These are the individuals who are going to meet their fitness goals. You too can become extremely fit by developing the same habits as these individuals.

Please see below our list of 10 habits required to get results.

1. Engage In Exercises You Really Love

Those who love to get fit will only spend time doing activities they enjoy. If they hate cycling, they will not purchase a bike and use it to exercise.

Focus on exercises that you love. If you don’t like doing something, you will find an excuse not to do it.

2. Track Your Results

Those who reach their fitness goals track their results. You can track your activity levels.

If walking is your passion track the time, frequency or if using a treadmill track the intensity.

This feedback makes you want to push yourself more. You’ll be more motivated to keep up these new habits, and want to get to the next level in your fitness skills.

3. Have Fitness Buddies That Are Committed

Having a friend with similar fitness goals will help you avoid ditching sessions and making up excuses.

A study from the University of Southern California found that those who exercised with someone else had more fun. That doesn’t mean your friends will want to workout with you.

It’s important to find others who are like-minded who want to improve their own fitness goals.

Try to find someone who enjoys the same exercise as you. Join a fitness club or group to find a fitness buddy.

4. Get Outdoors

It’s easy to want to go indoors when the weather is cold or rainy, however, that will not help you with your fitness goals.

The fresh air outdoors will do your mind and body good. Try to get out as much as possible to take advantage of the fresh air.

Go for a run or walk, or even take your yoga exercises to the back garden. The more you enjoy something, the more you will want to do it.

An Environmental Science and Technology study in 2011 found that sweating while outdoors boosts your energy levels. You become more engaged in your exercise, and your mental well-being improves.

5. Don’t Get Annoyed At Setbacks

This is easier said than done, but this is one of the habits you need to take control of. Life gets in the way, and setbacks happen. Rather than getting frustrated, take it in your stride.

Those who don’t allow set backs are less likely to stick to their new fitness routine.

Have a backup plan for when things don’t quite work out. Have a minimum number of days you want to exercise, and a maximum that you would potentially like to do.

At least if you meet the minimum, you know you haven’t completely “blown it” by missing one. Just because you didn't exercise today, doesn’t mean you can’t tomorrow.

6. Focus On Short Term Goals

Rather than focusing on long-term goals or the total number of pounds you wish to lose, focus on a short-term or small goal.

You may have 20 pounds to lose, but that can seem like a long way off.

You will be less likely to get moving, due to fear of failure. Break your goals down into daily tasks and how your health will benefit.

Say to yourself, I will engage in some form of physical activity everyday for a minimum of 10 minutes to increase energy.

You will soon find the pounds are disappearing without focusing on it obsessively.

7. Don’t Classify Your Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you spent an hour in the gym or went for a walk.

You will be surprised by the amount of calories you can burn just by playing kickball with your family, raking the leaves, trying out a zumba class or when you decide to renovate your entire home!

By just getting active you are developing a lifestyle, a habit, so you are more likely to stick with it.

8. Invest In A Music Player

Music is known to improve your motivation to exercise, according to the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

If you listen to music, you are more likely to exercise more vigorously and longer due to distraction rather than fatigue. Invest in a player and put your favourite music on it.

The next time you need motivation, think about your music.

9. Reward Yourself

Every time you achieve a small goal i.e. you increased your daily physical activity from 10 minutes to 15 minutes reward yourself.

Consider a money jar and add $1 as a financial reward each time you meet a goal. At the end of the month, use the money on something you want—the more you have, the more you get to do!

If money doesn’t drive you, consider an immediate treat after you achieved the goal. Go shopping, go to the spa, you decide how you want to treat yourself for achieving your goal.

10. Have The Proper Clothes

There’s no need to spend a fortune on workout gear.

Make sure what you workout in is comfortable and makes you feel good. After all, good fashion and looking great is a motivator.

Get a new exercise top or opt for a new pair of running shoes to start your 5K training in style. An outfit you love to wear can boost your motivation to reach your fitness goals.

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