Keto Breakfast: 18 Ketogenic Recipes That Will Fill You Up

Start Your Day Right with These Keto Breakfast Recipes
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Keto Breakfast

18 popular Keto breakfast recipes for you to access for your convenience to maintain your keto diet plan. The ingredients are designed to keep you full all morning!

A Keto breakfast is easy and simple to prepare. It includes quick recipe ideas of which some can be on the go that are perfect for beginners and kids.

Its also great for healthy meal prep!

Keto meals can be prepared in a bowl, mug, crockpot, skillet, instant pot, microwave or a blender! FAQ

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What Can I Eat For Breakfast On A Ketogenic Diet

  • Smoothies
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Crepes
  • Rolls
  • Frittata
  • Burrito
  • Casserole
  • Muffins
  • Hash
  • Tacos
  • Coffee
  • Oatmeal
  • Cereal
  • Cookies
  • Bars
  • Shake
  • Quiche
  • Bread
  • Porridge
  • Omelettes
  • Sandwich
  • Chia pudding
  • Biscuits
  • Pizza
  • Keto cereal
  • Coffee
  • Coffee creamer

Types Of Keto Meals For Breakfast

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Low carb
  • Low calorie

Can I Have Oatmeal On A Keto Diet

Yes. Your carb intake for the day including the oatmeal if it does not exceed 20-50 grams of carbs.

Is Yogurt Allowed On A Ketogenic Diet

Yes, plain greek yogurt.

Can I Eat Sweet Potatoes On A Keto Diet

No, its too high in carbs.

Is Almond Milk Ok On A Keto Diet

Yes, unsweetened almond milk. One cup of almond milk has only 1 gram of net carbs and 3 grams of fat. It's also a good source of vitamin A and E.

Popular Ingredients For A Keto Breakfast

  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Stevia
  • Yogurt
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Smoke salmon
  • No eggs
  • Coconut flour
  • Coconut oil
  • Cream cheese
  • Peanut butter

Ketogenic Breakfast Recipes

Please see below our compiled list of 18 recipes.

Keto Turkey and Egg Breakfast Skillet

Keto Breakfast
Keto Breakfast

The turkey breakfast and egg skillet is the perfect meal keep you in ketosis! Get the recipe.

Breakfast Fried Cauliflower Rice (also paleo)

keto breakfast ideas
keto breakfast ideas

The breakfast fried cauliflower rice is very filling, and extremely delicious! Get the recipe.

Breakfast Taco

keto breakfast recipes
keto breakfast recipes

A unique breakfast with bacon, eggs, avocado, and cheese combined in a crunchy taco shell, you will soon become a fan! Get the recipe.

Crispy Bacon and Baked Eggs in a Portobello Mushroom

keto diet breakfast
keto diet breakfast

Portobello mushroom caps are filled with tomatoes, arugula, eggs and smoky bacon. Get the recipe.

Bacon And Egg Breakfast Muffins

keto breakfast muffins
keto breakfast muffins

The bacon and egg breakfast muffins can be made in advance for busy mornings! The recipe consist of eggs, milk, red pepper, green onions, bacon and cheddar cheese! Get the recipe.

Warm Breakfast Salad (also paleo)

easy keto breakfast
easy keto breakfast

This breakfast salad is the perfect meal to start the day! Its a combination of veggies, fruit and a fried egg! Get the recipe.

Homemade Chorizo Sausage

keto diet breakfast recipes
keto diet breakfast recipes

Delicious homemade chorizo is so easy to make, forget store bought! Get the recipe.

Spinach Frittata

breakfast keto
breakfast keto

This is an easy spinach frittata recipe with eggs, parmesan and goat cheese along with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, onions and garlic. Get the recipe.

Easy Egg Muffins with Bacon + Spinach

keto breakfast with eggs
keto breakfast with eggs

This breakfast is very delicious! The egg muffins are filled with tomatoes and spinach and healthy protein. Get the recipe.

The Best Keto Pancakes

keto pancakes
keto pancakes

This is very delicious Keto pancake with cream cheese, eggs and butter along with protein powder and vanilla extract to achieve the perfect Keto pancake recipe. Get the recipe.

Waffle Iron Cauliflower Hash Browns

keto waffles
keto waffles


I loved this breakfast! Grate cauliflower then combine it with eggs, scanllions, cubed ham, cheddar, cilantro, basil or parsley and waffle it! Get the recipe.

Breakfast Casserole With Sausage (also GF)

keto breakfast cassserole
keto breakfast cassserole

This healthy breakfast casserole is the perfect make ahead meal loaded with eggs, sausage, cheese, pesto, roasted red peppers, pine nuts with fresh basil! Get the recipe.

Breakfast Biscuits Stuffed With Sausage And Cheese (also GF)

keto breakfast no eggs
keto breakfast no eggs

These biscuits can be made ahead and frozen so you can eat this delicious biscuit all week! Get the recipe.

Keto Baked Ham and Poppy Seed Sliders

keto breakfasts
keto breakfasts


Perfect as a snack or for breakfast! Get the recipe.

Low Carb Bacon, Egg, And Spinach Breakfast Casserole

keto diet breakfast ideas
keto diet breakfast ideas

This breakfast casserole can be meal prepped. It is an easy make ahead meal with spinach, cheese, mushrooms, red onions, bacon and peppers. Get the recipe.

3-Ingredient Bacon and Egg Cups

best keto breakfast
best keto breakfast

These bacon and egg cups will keep you full for hours! Get the recipe.

Keto Low Carb Pancakes (also paleo and GF)

low carb pancakes
low carb pancakes

These Keto low carb pancakes are so easy to make. With almond and coconut flour, almond milk, and avocado oil they are so delicious and fluffy. Get the recipe.

Paleo Almond Flour Waffles (also paleo and GF)

Keto Paleo Almond Flour Waffles
Keto Paleo Almond Flour Waffles

These waffles are so crispy! Easy and quick to make with healthy ingredients they will be ready in 20 minutes! Get the recipe.

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