5 Methods To Measure Progress Without The Scale

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By Popular Health Staff

Measure Weight Loss Progress

The most common way to measure weight loss via dieting or exercise is stepping on a scale. However, it is not the only method to measure your progress nor is it the best.

The scale is not the best method to measure progress due to hormonal fluctuations and the reality is that muscle weighs more than fat.

When you start to exercise, it is not uncommon to see no changes on the scale initially as your fat versus muscle body composition starts to change.

Here are 5 methods to determine whether your new lifestyle changes are really working.

Take Your Measurements

The #1 method for measuring your progress is to take your measurements once a month.

Get out a tape measure and take your measurements. Measure your hips, waist and chest, but you can measure your thighs and arms.

The benefit of this method is that you will see steady progress. You will know that moving towards adding more whole foods into your diet with exercise are working.

As your muscles tone and you drop dress sizes you will know you are getting results.

Be mindful of hormonal changes, and having a bad day isn’t going to completely throw things off.

Track Progress Using Your Camera

I believe 100% that tracking your progress visually is one of the best measures of your progress. Pictures placed side by side, will give you a visual of how your body is actually transforming.

Go Through Your Closet

Take out a pair of jeans that fit snugly before you began your new lifestyle. Are you able to ease into them?

Test Your Fitness Levels

How easy was it to walk up the stairs when you first started your lifestyle change? Is it easier now? Most of the time, you’ll find it does get easier as your health is responding positively to the changes you have made.

How many laps can you walk around the park within a set time frame now, compared to before? Has your energy levels improved?

Simply monitor changes that apply to your situation, as this method of measuring your progress, feeds back real information you can work with.

Check Your Medical Risks

You may have started to change your lifestyle due to health reasons. Some do it because they’re told they have high blood pressure, cholesterol levels or diabetes.

You can monitor progress without the scale by looking at your medical risks. As you lose weight and get fit, watch for improvements that apply to you medically.

You can measure progress without the scale by utilizing 1 of the methods above, as they give an overall look at the benefits. You can also incorporate them with the scale, if you really choose to.

We recommend our online tracking software to measure your progress or use our weight loss visualizer to track your body changes.

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